Traceability and
interface 4.0

Smart factory

One of the major investments of Nuova Inox with the inclusion of the second generation of the Fieni family involved the implementation of a digital / IT system for managing the flow of information within the company; the goal was to create a lean, dynamic and efficient system able to provide a quick and perfect service to the customers who are informed in real time on the progress of their production.

Today Nuova Inox is able to manage any type of incoming technical file with a predisposition to projects realized with 3D modeling software; the technical department also deals with proposals based on 2D design on a daily basis and develops, if necessary, modeling based on a simple indication of the customer.

Activity and flow

Once the modeling / engineering cycle is complete, the product is fed into the production flow and this is the most important part of the system:

  • Details are traced at any time during the production flow.
  • The analyzing department can monitor in real time every single and different processing. Thanks to the 4.0 interfacing every machine and every company department are connected to the system, giving feedback to the necessary information related to the time of realization and the consumption of raw material generated with the management of the order.
  • Real-time control of the quantity of pieces produced, in order to remedy any lack of goods received during the check by the customer; the warehouse / quality control department is trained and equipped with special equipment that allows it to carry out a final check at the time of preparation of the products before signing the packing-list.
  • Data storage. The system allows to archive, through special encodings, the graphic, technical and budgeting information of all the details managed in the company’s history.

This facilitates the connection of global operations to the enterprise and extended business systems, enabling greater collaboration, faster problem resolution and improved production process. Machinery and devices are transformed into intelligent resources that can compile reports on vast amounts of production-related information, including diagnostics and energy consumption. The availability of this information facilitates and speeds up the decision-making processes of companies, improving their productivity and quality and allowing them to meet demand in a more specific, dynamic and cost-effective way.

Thanks to this system you can monitor:

  • any technical revisions during the development of a product
  • the trend of the price list
  • the traceability of the materials used